My Three Sons Moving to Hawaii Services

My Three Sons Moving to Hawaii Services

If you’ve been dreaming about a life where a beach could be your backyard, friendly neighbors on all sides, and warm breezes blowing throughout the day, you should think about relocating to Hawaii.  When you’re ready to make that move, My Three Sons moving to Hawaii services are the relocation solutions that can facilitate your needs.  Our team of relocation specialists is highly experienced and will ensure that your furniture and belongings are transferred safely and securely to the island of your choice.

Since establishing our company, we have provided our customers with the fast and reliable moving services that they deserve.  Whether you’re moving to Hawaii or back to the mainland, My Three Sons Moving Co. will get you to your destination.  With our equipment and resources, we can transfer a broad range of different sized loads.  We pride ourselves on facilitating quick and efficient moves while at the same time working with each client on an individual, personalized basis.

What should you be aware of before moving to Hawaii?

The My Three Sons moving to Hawaii specialists recommend visiting Hawaii before moving there.  This will give you the opportunity to decide whether you want to live on the Big Island of Hawaii, Kauai, Lānai, Maui, Molokai, or Oahu.  Rent a vehicle and drive around exploring neighborhoods during the day as well as in the evening.  Talk with the locals and ask questions.  This will give you a better idea of what the people are like as well as the area you decide to live in.

Another question you need to answer before making the decision to move to Hawaii – “Can I afford to live there?” Although it may cost more to live in places like Manhattan, San Diego, San Francisco, or Seattle, Hawaii has a high cost of living.  For instance, the average cost of a home on the island of Oahu in 2020 was nearly $1 million.  Because of the isolation factor, many consumer products must be shipped to Hawaii which drives the price up.  Although Hawaii has a low tax percentage, food is very expensive here.

What should you know about living in Hawaii?

In all of the years that the My Three Sons moving to Hawaii specialists have helped people move to one of the 6 inhabited islands, we’ve found that most have had the same reasons for moving there.  Be aware that there are 8 islands that make up our 50th state including:

 (Actual                      (Anglicized

Spelling)                    Spelling)

Hawaiʻi                           Hawaii

Kahoʻolawe               Kahoolawe

Kauaʻi                             Kauai

Lānaʻi                              Lānai

Maui                                 Maui

Molokaʻi                         Molokai

Niʻihau                            Niihau

Oʻahu                               Oahu

Although 7 of the 8 islands are inhabited, the westernmost island of Niihau has a population of roughly 130 natives.  However, no one else is allowed on the island.  The smallest island, Kahoolawe, is off-limits and has long been considered uninhabitable due to the lack of fresh water.  It also served as a bombing range and training grounds for our military after the Second World War.

What are the primary reasons for moving to Hawaii?

Whether your dream is to live on or near a beach or inland in a tropical rainforest, here are the 5 main reasons that people decide to move to Hawaii with the help of My Three Sons Moving Co.:

  • the abundance of outdoor recreational activities
  • the dream of living in a tropical paradise
  • the laid-back, relaxed lifestyle
  • the privacy and seclusion
  • the warm tropical climate

No matter where you decide to live, you won’t be disappointed as the Hawaiian Islands are a unique environment and unlike anything the mainland has to offer.  To learn more about our My Three Sons moving to Hawaii services, visit our website by clicking here.

How much will it cost to move to Hawaii?

The cost of moving to Hawaii depends on 4 factors – 1) the moving company you choose, 2) how you have your belongings shipped, 3) where you are moving from, and 4) the amount of items you are moving with you.  As an example, the average cost of moving a 3-bedroom home to one of the islands will be between $5,000 and $10,000.  In most cases, you’ll be charged by the amount of space your items require on the barge or ship or the total weight of everything.

To get an accurate quote on your impending move, you may schedule an in-house evaluation herein one of our experts will come and look over all your belongings that need to be moved. Based on that we’ll provide you with a written quote. 

To learn more, contact My Three Sons Moving Co. today at (866) 410-8013. Our business representatives are here to walk you through the whole procedure and will answer all your questions. Call us now!