My 3 Sons Moving to Indianapolis Services

My 3 Sons Moving to Indianapolis Services

The city of Indianapolis has often been referred to as the “Crossroads of America” and for good reason.  It is intersected, serviced, and surrounded by several main interstate highways, its international airport serves every major airline company, and its public transportation system (IndyGo) is one of the best in the country.  Simply stated, you won’t find another city that is as unique as this one.  Thus, when you’re ready, you can count on My 3 Sons Moving Indianapolis services to get you and your belongings there quickly and efficiently.

How can My Three Sons Moving Co. help you prepare for your relocation?

We are a full-service moving company which means we can help you with every task associated with your move to Indianapolis.  We offer one of the most extensive ranges of moving and relocation services at very competitive rates.  This also means that you can choose the individual moving services that will best suit your needs or we can quote you a price on an all-inclusive relocation package.  The choice is up to you. However, we will be with you at every step to ensure that your move is seamless and smooth.

Our extensive range of My 3 Sons Moving Indianapolis services includes the following:

  • providing you with all the moving supplies and packing materials needed for your move such as additional padding and furniture blankets as well as all moving boxes, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, and packing tape
  • disassembling and reassembling those bulkier, hard-to-handle pieces of furniture that are extremely heavy when fully assembled
  • helping you pack and unpack your belongings and personal effects so they arrive at your new Indianapolis home intact and undamaged
  • loading and unloading our moving trucks so you avoid the physical strain and potential injuries resulting from heavy lifting
  • transporting your furniture and packed boxes of belongings to your new home
  • disposing of all used moving debris once we have completed our responsibilities with your relocation

More information about the services we offer is available by clicking here and visiting the My Three Sons Moving Co. website. With years of experience in the moving industry, we have helped residents and businesses move across the country.

Why do people choose to relocate to Indianapolis?

As mentioned above, you won’t find another city in the US like Indianapolis or “Indy” as it is commonly referred to.  Granted, this is just the tip of the iceberg where this Midwest gem of a city is concerned.  However, there are several facets of this city that make it so appealing to many newcomers.  The following is a list of the 5 primary reasons why people have chosen to relocate to Indiana’s capital city with the help of the My 3 Sons Moving Indianapolis specialists:

  • If you’re an avid “road tripper” or world traveler, Indianapolis is ideally located in the center of the US hence being nicknamed the “Crossroads of America.”
  • Indianapolis is a city of change-makers with civic leaders and non-profit organizations that are ensuring the future growth of vibrant communities and neighborhoods.
  • Indianapolis is a sports lover’s paradise and a sports town unlike no other city in the US.
  • Indianapolis is one of the country’s most affordable big cities and is known for its many extraordinary neighborhoods.
  • No matter where you live in Indianapolis, you’ll have an easy commute thanks to the ongoing investments in public transportation.

Whether you’re considering a move to Indianapolis because of any of the reasons above, the need to be closer to family, or to start a new career, My Three Sons Moving Co. will be prepared to help with your relocation when you’re ready. From offering complete moving package to assisting you with customized moving services, we are here to ensure that your move is stress-free for you.

How much does it cost to move to Indianapolis?

If you’re moving long-distance to Indianapolis, the My 3 Sons Moving Indianapolis specialists take several factors into consideration when calculating the cost of your move.  These factors include:

  • distance from where you currently live to your new location in Indianapolis
  • moving services, you’ll need us to provide
  • how much moving labor will be needed?
  • size of your home / shipping weight of your furniture and other belongings
  • time of year you plan to move to Indianapolis

The average cost of a long-distance move to Indianapolis will cost anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 based on those factors above.  These are average costs taken from historical moving industry data.  The cost of your move could be inside or outside of that range.  We’ll provide you with

For more information about our My 3 Sons Moving Indianapolis services, call My Three Sons Moving Co. at (866) 410-8013 today or as soon as possible. We are here for your assistance.