Affordable and Reliable Hawaii Relocation Services

Affordable and Reliable Hawaii Relocation Services

A commercial or residential move to Hawaii is considerably more complex than moving domestically.  To start with, there’s considerably more logistics planning and preparation involved, not to mention choosing the right company to assist you when moving from the mainland to the 50th state.  Although it can be extremely stressful, you can have a more pleasant experience moving to Hawaii when you enlist the professional relocation services provided by My Three Sons Moving Co. We have years of experience in helping homeowners and business move all across the country, including Hawaii.

Why do people move to Hawaii?

No matter what type of property they are searching for, families and individuals alike tend to have the same preferences or requirements where this is concerned.  Whether it’s coastal property or something more private and off the beaten path it really doesn’t matter.  Regardless of your reason for moving to Hawaii, we’re certain you won’t be disappointed.  There are 5 reasons why people move to the islands including:

  • Climate – for many individuals, the allure of the warm tropical weather is what entices them into moving to Hawaii.  However, many of them fail to realize that it does get chilly in certain areas.  Interestingly enough, there are 13 climate zones on the planet, 11 of which can be found on the big island of Hawaii.
  • Desire to live on a tropical island – who wouldn’t want to live where you can see pristine white sandy beaches, spectacular waterfalls, and tropical rainforests? Not to mention the fact that the temperatures are warm year-round.
  • Lifestyle – the Hawaiian lifestyle is a huge attractant for many individuals as well.  The island life is laid back and relaxed.  As the locals will tell you, things happen according to “Hawaiian time.”  At My Three Sons Moving Co. we know exactly what they’re talking about.
  • Privacy and seclusion – nothing can provide a sense of spending your life in your own personal paradise, then the privacy and seclusion provided by some of the bigger properties.  Unlike the crowded subdivisions, there are plenty of larger properties on the Big Island that provide all the privacy and seclusion you could ever hope for.
  • Recreation – as another one of the top reasons for moving to Hawaii, there’s no lack of outdoor recreational activities to enjoy.  Because of the tropical climate, you can take advantage of camping, fishing, hiking, and kayaking all year long.

Whether you’re moving to a beachfront property or a larger property hidden in a tropical rainforest, My Three Sons Moving Co. can help you make the transition to paradise a reality at cost-effective rates. Regardless of the state you are going to move from, we can help you move to Hawaii with ease. Contact us today and we’ll customize a relocation plan for you.

How much does moving to Hawaii cost?

The first step in the moving to Hawaii process is choosing a full-service moving team like My Three Sons Moving Co. that can accommodate your needs and coordinate your move with different shipping options.  The cost of moving from the mainland to Hawaii depends on the shipping option you choose.  There are 5 basic options to choose from including air freight, carry-on (taking everything with if you fly), moving container companies, ocean or sea freight, and USPS.  You could spend a few hundred dollars for shipping a few boxes of clothing and electronics via USPS up to $15,000 or more for a full-service move of an entire household.  Here is a breakdown:

  • Air freight – prices often vary from $200 or $300 for smaller parcels up to $2,000 or more based on the following factors:
  • how fast you need your belongings
  • how much you ship
  • origination and destination
  • the company you use
  • Carry-on – this is ideal for light travelers and may be free of charge, especially if your checked luggage and carry-on bags meet the airline’s requirements.
  • Moving containers – as a cost-effective alternative to the other options, using a moving container company costs an average of $3,000 or more depending on how big your shipment is and where you’re shipping from.
  • Ocean or sea freight – often considered the most popular option of the group, this shipping method can cost from $1,000 for a small studio apartment to $15,000 or more for a large, multi-bedroom home.
  • USPS – shipping by mail is ideal if you have a small shipment.  While the cost typically depends on several factors, it may be as little as a few hundred dollars.

We can take on the responsibility of your move but if you only need a few services, we’d be glad to be of assistance. To learn more about moving to Hawaii and how we can help with the relocation process, contact My Three Sons Moving Co. today at (866) 410-8013.