How to get Family Members and Friends to help You move

How to get Family Members and Friends to help You move

At My Three Sons Moving Co., we understand that not everybody has the budget for hiring professional movers.  For many individuals, this can be a stressful experience, especially if they’re having trouble recruiting enough family members and/or friends to bring some additional muscle.  Let’s be realistic.  This is not what you would consider an enjoyable activity for most people.  Consequently, this can make it difficult to ask for and recruit sufficient help.

Where do you start?

Most family members and friends understand that the reason you’re asking for help is strictly financial in nature.  We recommend that you “pay it forward” by asking people who may turn to you for help down the road.  Remember, there is a certain etiquette that’s involved when asking someone to help you move and it’s by no means a small favor that you’re asking for.  When it comes to favors, packing and moving are like dropping off someone at the airport – most people don’t want to do it, but your family members and true friends will help in any way they can.

Do you know about the 7 “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of asking for help moving?

Since many family members and friends have been in the same situation, most will be very understanding when you approach them for help moving.  That being said, it’s very important that you show your appreciation for their assistance.  The relocation specialists at My Three Sons Moving Co. have compiled a list of “the ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’ts’ of asking for help when moving.”  The following should help.

The Do’s:

  • DO acknowledge the fact that you’re asking for a big favor.
  • DO ask for help on the weekend if possible
  • DO give everyone notice well in advance so they can plan to be there
  • DO be prepared when people arrive to help
  • DO provide refreshments and snacks
  • DO show your appreciation for their help
  • DO commit to returning the favor

The Don’ts:

  • DON’T assume that you’ll have plenty of help
  • DON’T be a perfectionist
  • DON’T be bossy
  • DON’T be offended if someone can’t or doesn’t want to help
  • DON’T be vague about what you expect or need
  • DON’T put anyone out
  • DON’T rely on friends who have no moving experience

Asking family members and friends to help you move can be just as difficult as trying to handle everything yourself.  Remember, asking politely for help can go a long way towards making your move a lot easier.

What can you do to keep things running smoothly on moving day?

Okay.  You’ve recruited enough family members and friends to help on moving day and the Do’s and Don’ts list above is burned indelibly into your brain.  Now what? If you want to ensure that everything goes smoothly without interruption, My Three Sons Moving Co. recommends you take responsibility for the following aspects of your move:

  • Create a moving tasks checklist – there will be some individuals who don’t want to spend the day lifting and loading heavy furniture while others may just be physically incapable of doing so.  If you create a checklist of the things that need to be done, it gives your family members and friends options as to what they can help with.
  • Practice the K.I.S.S. principle – when it comes to the entire moving process, it’s all about the well-known acronym for “Keep it Simple, Stupid” definitely applies.  Create informative labels that show what goes in which room.  Additionally, create a schematic of the home you moving into as this can be a big help for those family members and friends that are helping you.
  • Stay organized – you’ve created your checklist of moving tasks, you’ve created labels, and you’ve kept planning the entire time prior to moving day.  Don’t stop there.  It’s especially important that you stay organized on the big day.  Remember, your family members and friends need you to be their leader, so be prepared.

On a closing note, My Three Sons Moving Co. recommends trying to make moving day an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.  Be sure you feed your family members and friends at the end of the day.  Furthermore, have beverages and snacks at the ready throughout the day. 

Additionally, if you still need more help than you have, please give us a call and we’ll arrange for a team to be of assistance for your move. Our crew is trained, licensed, insured and bonded apart from being professional and friendly. From lifting heavy boxes to removing the debris after the unpacking, just let us know what you need.  For more information about recruiting family members and friends to help you move, or to know more about our company, call us today at (866) 410-8013.